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Integrating Acquisitions into Amdocs CES 10.1

Acquisitions made a splashIt’s one thing to make a splash, spend $260 million dollars, and buy three companies in one day. However, taking those three companies and beginning to integrate them into existing product lines within 3 months is a completely different animal. And that is exactly what we did in Amdocs CES 10.1. Back on September 14 Eli Gelman announced that the purchase of Vindicia, Brite:Bill and Pontis would “position Amdocs as the market leader to help communication and media providers on their (digital) journey.” Today, with the release of Amdocs CES 10.1, we’re helping our service provider (CSP) customers accelerate their […]  More >>

Looking for the Lighter Side of Ten

Last month at Mobile World Congress we told the world about our latest CES portfolio, CES 10. CES 10 is a big deal for us, as we bring together our BSS, OSS, network and big data solutions, all designed to help service providers accelerate the pace of their digital transformation. Putting CES 10 together took a lot of work from a lot of people, and now, it’s time for us – and you – to have a little fun by looking at the Lighter Side of Ten. From now through April 13, we’re inviting you to post your pictures showing […]  More >>

From Virtual Hype to Reality in Action

Amdocs CES 10This year’s Mobile World Congress certainly crossed into a new paradigm on a number of different dimensions: Size: With attendees crossing the 100,000 barrier for the first time, it’s clear our industry has dramatically evolved. Mobile and beyond: MWC has expanded beyond telecom, and while the fusion into other industries such as automobile or mobile health is not new, this year it became all pervasive, highlighted by the conference’s bold tagline: “mobile is everything.” From innovation to (virtual) reality: Innovation is a given at MWC, so what really drew attention this year was the focus on 5G, real IoT use […]  More >>