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We’re winners! – Connected Citizen/Smart City Catalyst takes TMForumLive Catalyst Award

Last Wednesday, TM Forum announced the winners of the 2017 Catalyst Team Awards and the Connected Citizen Catalyst team in which Amdocs participated won a prestigious award! 32 Catalysts were showcased at the TMForumLive! 2017. The “ Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City” catalyst in which Amdocs Revenue Guard participated – won the prestigious TMForumLive! 2017 Catalyst Team Award for “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets”. Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects which connect diverse organizations to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models. More than 100 member companies and hundreds of individuals participated […]  More >>

Good deeds are back

GoodMarch has finally arrived, and brings with it the chirping of robins and the coming of Spring. It’s a time of renewal, and at Amdocs that means renewing our commitment to our communities and those in need. For the second straight year, we’ve designated March as Good Deeds Month, and this time, our goals are bigger than ever. As a tribute to our 35th anniversary, which we celebrated earlier this year, we’ve upped our employee volunteer hours goal for 2017 from 25,000 to 35,000 hours. It’s a lofty goal, and one that makes me proud to be an Amdocs employee. Amdocs […]  More >>

Some Big News About Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligenceA few weeks ago my wife and I were in the mood for a classic movie, and found Casablanca on Netflix. A few nights later, we watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, recommended by Netflix, and then last night, we tuned in to Down with Love, again, a Netflix recommendation.  The powerful artificial intelligence behind Netflix’s recommendation engine has been on the money, which is why we are probably going to watch To Kill a Mockingbird the next time we’re ready to spend some time with Netflix. The artificial intelligence (AI) engines are getting smarter, and appearing more often in our daily lives. […]  More >>

A dazzling corporate light

Amdocs isn’t the first place I’ve ever worked. I’ve worked in companies large and small, each with its own attitude toward corporate social responsibility. Some took it seriously, others ignored the idea completely. But one of the things I love about Amdocs, where I’ve worked for nearly ten years, is the importance, extending far beyond lip service, which we place on giving back to our community. Our CEO, Eli Gelman, recently wrote “I believe our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a defining document.” He sets the tone for all 25,000 employees, regardless of their location or position. We […]  More >>

Getting Ready for the On-Demand Digital Economy

Amdocs CES 10.1Amdocs CES 10.1 enhances our previous CES 10 offering. We’ve accelerated Digital, building in real-time contextualization, artificial intelligence, and flexible interactive billing options.  More >>

Amdocs wins prestigious network awards

awardAmdocs won two prestigious industry network awards at the MEF Excellence Awards at MEF16 in Baltimore on Tuesday night. Amdocs won the MEF’s Vendor of the Year for Third Network Technology Solutions and, in a tie with CENX, the Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) Technology of the Year award for Third Network Technology Solutions. The MEF is the driving force enabling agile, assured and orchestrated Third Network services for the digital economy and the hyper-connected world, with user-directed control over network resources and cloud connectivity. The awards were accepted on behalf of Amdocs by Gabriel Kerner, VP, head of OSS product […]  More >>

Entertainment that works

This is the first in a series looking at Amdocs recent acquisitions of Vindicia, Pontis and Brite:Bill The golden glow of entertainment services has been flickering before service providers’ eyes for years. Seeking to replace commoditized lines of business, such as voice and messaging, they have been busily searching for additional lines of business. Recent acquisitions by AT&T, Comcast and Vodafone of pay TV companies DirecTV, NBC and Kabel Deutschland, were at least partially driven by the need to mine new revenue streams. However, now that they have acquired a rich treasure chest of entertainment content, they need innovative ways […]  More >>

NBA, Vimeo, BBC and many OTT platforms join our adventure into the digital revolution

Organizations seeking to sell digital content to online viewers have a number of challenges. It must be easy for users to find and buy content. The technical solution for selling the content should be quick and inexpensive to deploy, and have the agility and flexibility to support many offer types as well as rapid launch of new offers. And the business proposition should not incur risk of excessive costs up front. Examples of such organizations could be any OTT, entertainment, media or content company like Vimeo, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, BBC and many others who have chosen an OTT SaaS-based solution […]  More >>

TEST Magazine Recognizes Amdocs Testing as a Leading Testing Provider for 2016

20 recognition testingWe are pleased to announce that TEST Magazine, the leading publication for software Testing and Quality professionals, has named Amdocs Testing as one of the 20 Leading Testing Providers. TEST Magazine, which is read by over 10,700 members across Europe, the US and South Asia, publishes an annual update to its Testing Providers’ Guide to help companies navigate the complex and rapidly changing landscape of quality products and services. The most recent update, profiling selected Testing and QA providers across multiple verticals and geographies, was published in the September 2016 issue. Amdocs Testing was specifically recognized for its leading position […]  More >>

Doing Great During Good Deeds Month!

“We wanted to raise the bar, and expose more employees to the act of giving,” Idit Duvdevany, Head of Amdocs Corporate Social Responsibility team, told me, as we talked about Amdocs Good Deeds Month. Over the past month, Amdocs employees did just that. Employees organized charitable events, from toy drives in London to food drives in Israel. There was a blood drive in Cyprus and female empowerment efforts in India. Over 1,500 employees took part on more than 350 activities. One of the most exciting took place in Gurgaon, India, where we organized an industry visit for youth enrolled with […]  More >>