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Mike Cooper

Michael brings more than 17 years of hands-on QA and Testing leadership experience to his consulting and advisory engagements around the world. He actively participates in the QA community as a strategic advisor to a number of leading organizations, such as, Amdocs, AQAA, and QASymphony. Michael is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. He is also a Certified Scrum Master.

Meet the Experts: Transforming networks with NFV and how it will impact the testing process

Mike Cooper continues his Meet the Expert series, talking to Amdocs’ Dr. Eyal Felstaine about NFV, ECOMP, and all things network  More >>

A great tester is a fusion of diverse experiences, sharp focus and specialized knowledge

A Conversation with Andrey Bronfin on the Benefits of Specialization in Testing Andrey Bronfin joined the Amdocs Testing Services team only a couple of months ago, but he is already closely familiar with the business and the team. That’s because over the course of his career, Andrey has worked at Amdocs in a variety of roles, and has recently re-joined the team as part of an acquisition of the Comverse Business Support System (BSS) business unit. Today, Andrey is leading Amdocs Testing Services’ R&D, product management, marketing, partnerships and other cross-organizational functions. Andrey joined me on the phone from Israel, […]  More >>

User Experience Drives Important Changes in Mobile Testing

A conversation with Erez Sharabi Mobile testing is one of the main components of digital testing. It’s a complex and fascinating subject, with many different schools of thought on what, how and when to test to please today’s discriminating, and often impatient, consumer or business user. I caught up with my long-time friend Erez Sharabi from Amdocs Testing Services over the phone from Israel, to ask him about his opinion on mobile testing, its current challenges, future growth and the impact that mobile revolution has on application delivery. Below are the highlights of our conversation. Michael Cooper: Erez, what is […]  More >>

DevOps: from a buzzword to a cultural shift

An Interview with Shivakumar “Shiva” Ravi, Head – Global Sales and Pre-Sales at Amdocs Testing Services The DevOps movement is quickly gaining acceptance among Telecommunications companies, largely due to the need for faster application delivery in a highly competitive market. I often get asked how QA fits in with this new world of DevOps. Recently, I had an opportunity to discuss the DevOps and the Digital Testing trends in the Telecom industry with my friend and industry expert, Shiva Ravi, Global Head of Sales at Amdocs Testing. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation. Michael Cooper: Shiva, for […]  More >>

Meet the Amdocs Testing Experts: Ighal Szyk, Amdocs Testing R&D Line Manager

Using Analytics to Help Testers Speak the Language of the Business Earlier this month, I saw an impressive demonstration of the new Amdocs BEAT™ Analytics platform and I had a chance to discuss the latest Amdocs BEAT™ innovation with Ighal Szyk who leads the R&D Center of Amdocs Testing services. He joined me on the phone from Israel to talk about the Analytics platform launch and how it can help bridge the gap between testers and business decision makers. Mike Cooper: Ighal, for those who aren’t familiar with Amdocs BEAT™, what benefits does it offer to Amdocs’ Telecom industry customers? Ighal Szyk: […]  More >>

Ask the Amdocs Testing Experts: Testing in Agile: A conversation with Amdocs’ Director of QA and Agile Enthusiast Nandita Ramesh

These days, Agile is everywhere. Nearly every company that’s building or deploying software applications claims to be working in Agile. Open up any IT publication, and you will find a variety of opinions and guidance on how to best implement Agile to deliver applications faster and more cost-effectively. Yet, when the subject of quality comes up in the context of Agile, experts don’t seem to agree on a single approach. Who owns quality – the scrum team or the QA team? Do you even need a tester when everyone has a stake in quality? Who can see the big picture, […]  More >>

Meet the Testing Experts: A Conversation with a Network Expert Trinh Vu

I am currently working with my friend Trinh Vu, the Network Testing Product Manager, on a joint proposal to present at a Silicon Valley Telecom Network Technology conference. Trinh and I had an interesting discussion about the evolution of Network Testing and the growing popularity of Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN.) I’d like to share some highlights from my recent conversation with Trinh in which he shares his perspective on the fast-evolving field of Network Testing. Michael Cooper: Trinh, you have worked with networks for over 25 years. What types of projects have you been involved […]  More >>

Meet the Amdocs Testing Experts: A Conversation with Sachin Mulik about the Evolution of the Testing Center of Excellence, QA Paradigm Shift and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

It truly is a small world. Earlier this year, I heard that my friend Sachin Mulik was taking on a VP and QA and Testing Practice Leader role with Amdocs, and we met for dinner in Atlanta. Sachin agreed that once he settled in at Amdocs he would sit down with me to discuss his new role, his views on the transformation of Testing and QA disciplines and the evolving role of the Testing Center of Excellence. Here are some of the highlights of our discussion. Michael Cooper: Sachin, nearly twenty years in the IT industry is an impressive career, […]  More >>

How To Get Better Results From Specialized Testing – Now That The Offshore Lemon Has Been Nearly Squeezed Dry

Mike Cooper interviews Yoav Ziv, head of testing at Amdocs, looking at trends in the industry and how testing has changed.  More >>