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Gadi Solotorevsky

Gadi Solotorevsky
Dr. Gadi Solotorevsky doesn’t just enjoy creating blog articles – he’s got multiple patents to his name too. With years of experience in developing and deploying solutions, methodologies, and consulting in telecommunications and revenue analytics, he’s also one of the founders (and the Chair) of the TM Forum Revenue Assurance team, a TMF Distinguished Fellow and Ambassador, and one of the authors of TMF’s Revenue Assurance TR131 and GB941 – the de-facto standards and best practices widely used by the telecom industry. Formerly cVidya’s CTO, he’s now Chief Evangelist – Revenue Guard, at Amdocs.

We’re winners! – Connected Citizen/Smart City Catalyst takes TMForumLive Catalyst Award

Last Wednesday, TM Forum announced the winners of the 2017 Catalyst Team Awards and the Connected Citizen Catalyst team in which Amdocs participated won a prestigious award! 32 Catalysts were showcased at the TMForumLive! 2017. The “ Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City” catalyst in which Amdocs Revenue Guard participated – won the prestigious TMForumLive! 2017 Catalyst Team Award for “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets”. Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects which connect diverse organizations to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models. More than 100 member companies and hundreds of individuals participated […]  More >>

When Digital Goes Wrong: Lessons from Revenue Assurance

Many communications service providers are in a hurry to “go digital”. They’re working to better empower customers, improve their experience, increase satisfaction and loyalty, launch new products and services faster, ensure easy adoption and consumption – all while reducing operational costs. Many have embarked on extensive transformation projects to become true digital service providers. But going digital is not only about being able to offer cool new services, it is about customer centricity. It is about ensuring excellent, seamless customer journeys and interactions excellent. And it doesn’t always go as planned.  More >>