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Dror Eshet

Dror Eshet
Dror is a leading expert in telecom fraud with more than 15 years of experience in fraud detection and prevention at various large enterprises.

Calculating the fraud risks of the digital era

fraudCould you live without your mobile device?  In 2017, admitting that you can’t is hardly a cause for shame. Used continually for navigation, mobile purchases, downloading video, browsing news sites, exchanging WhatsApp messages — and even the occasional phone call — our mobile devices are now part of us.  Accompanying the upside of the digital revolution the human kind experiences, are many new threats and risks.  And as digital technology continues to evolve at a frantic rate, keeping pace with the increased risks presents an enormous challenge. Cyber Security Vulnerabilities are Turning into Fraud Enablers To understand how the technology […]  More >>

Protecting corporate telephony systems

fraudFraud is running rampant in the telecom industry. International Revenue Share Fraud, where criminal fraudsters partner with content providers, is by far the most damaging type of fraud, costing the industry approximately $11 billion. The most prominent enabler for executing this fraud type is hacking private corporate telephony systems (PBX) and generating unauthorized excessive amount of calls to International Revenue Share destinations without the corporation’s awareness or consent. This accounts for nearly 70% of all International Revenue Share Fraud damages, costing the telecom industry about $7.5 billion dollars each year. PBX hacking hurts both the enterprise businesses and the service […]  More >>