Why DevOps and why now?

When you want to learn why, it pays to talk with industry leaders 

It’s not only techies like me getting excited about DevOps. Even a year ago, the buzz wasn’t nearly as strong as it is today. The concept of “agile” is certainly not new; so what is it that’s making the entire industry suddenly wake up and get excited about the DevOps concept and hasten the pace towards its implementation?

Out of curiosity, I found myself raising this topic with the many leaders I come across, both as part of my daily work at Amdocs, and in the more informal settings of social gatherings. I was looking to get to the core of the issue: Where is this sudden push for DevOps coming from?

The answer was unanimous and for me personally, an eye opener: It’s the customers who are demanding that their vendors adopt DevOps methodology because they themselves have aggressive plans for its implementation!

Naturally, this begs the question, WHY?

When I pushed these industry leaders for an answer, it seemed they were well aware of the reason. It comes down to growth. To maintain their advantage in the market, organizations need to grow – and the quickest way to achieve that is through acquisitions.

Following an acquisition, it can take years to transform the acquired company’s legacy systems to be fully converged with those of the acquiring company – and it comes with huge cost. DevOps not only provides reliable and faster value to production, it opens the microservices platform, which allows any vendor to plug their (micro)services into the common platform. They can then leverage DevOps processes to ensure the integration is fast and cost-effective. This is much more efficient than undergoing a massive transformation project each time a new service needs to be integrated.

So what I’ve learned from these discussions is that there is a very wide consensus today that DevOps provides the most credible solution for companies looking to expand their horizons. Indeed, most organizations recognize the methodology as a crucial engine for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions to customers with rapid speed – and as a result, consolidate their market leadership.

But unlike a year ago, there is the added urgency of the task at hand. Today, the momentum is clearly with companies who have already or are currently adopting DevOps. Wait too long and it may be too late.

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