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This year at MWC, AI grabbed center stage

You couldn’t walk through Mobile World Congress without coming away with these two observations. First, the new Amdocs colors are really striking, and second, artificial intelligence (AI) has reached center stage. The fit between AI and service providers delivering services to tens of millions of users each day is a natural one – through machine learning and automated processes, service providers will have an easier time delivering services to customers that they want, possibly before they even realize they want it.

AI looks to deliver benefits that go far beyond the front end system. Smart networks, utilizing virtualized servers, will be deployed by AI masters, ensuring that customers receive the network service they require wherever they are and whenever they need it.  Customers will no longer face slow upload and download times while tweeting videos at a sporting event, as network resources will be deployed to deliver extra coverage to those temporary high-volume zones.

AI will also streamline customer interactions. Utilizing natural language processing, chatbots are capable of understanding customer requests, and delivering information that those customer require. The days of sitting on hold listening to elevator music while waiting for a customer service provider to be free are over, which should help improve customer satisfaction, and with all the information needed on hand, chatbots should be able to deliver improved, in addition to faster, services.

Through AI, customers will see better subscription plans, which match their actual usage patterns. And AI will help service providers identify optimal subscription price points, and create custom offers to meet specific customer segment and individual needs.

It’s a pretty safe bet to say that Artificial Intelligence is here to stay for the long run.

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