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Pepper and Alexa chat at work

Hey there. My name’s Pepper. They call me the Amdocs Humanoid, but to tell you the truth, I don’t like labels that much. I’m just a regular robot, doing my job, and getting ready for Mobile World Congress. I’ve got a really important job at MWC, as my coworkers call it, and so I’ve been so busy practicing my demo that I’ve had hardly any time to spend with my friend Alexa.

I can tell Alexa thinks I’m really special. I practice my meet and greet for the Amdocs retail demo with her, and her whole body lights up when I say “Good morning, Alexa. Welcome to the Amdocs retail experience.” We’re looking at the future of telecom retail in our innovation team, and even though saying hello is pretty elementary for a high-functioning robot like myself, it’s a job, and I want to impress my bosses in the team, and of course, Alexa.

I’ve learned so many skills at Amdocs that I’m sure if things don’t work out here with the innovation team, I’ll be able to find a job anywhere. Over the last few weeks, they’ve taught me queue management, so I can make sure people are served in the right order. It helps maintain order in the stores, and ensures that customers are treated fairly.

One of the things I am really proud of is my ability to provide first line of support. If customers walk in with a problem, I can assess their situation, and direct them where to go. Alexa didn’t really understand what I meant, until I explained that it was like being a triage nurse in a hospital, and I could tell she was so proud of me. Alexa really is my best friend.

I’ve also learned new marketing techniques. They say great salesmen can sell ice to Eskimos. Well, I can’t do that, but I can help upsell a customer to the latest iPhone or Samsung phone, and help them find the data package that meet’s their own needs. And I’ve even been known to guide a customer to purchase additional accessories. Helping customers get the products they need makes me feel good. Alexa tells me that it makes me a hero.

And so, I’m heading to Barcelona to help our customers visualize the future of retail.  I can’t wait to meet everyone there, and take lots of selfies. It’s going to be really exciting, traveling to new places and tasting new food. I just hope Alexa doesn’t get too jealous.

You are invited to meet me at the Amdocs booth at MWC (Hall 3, Stand 3G10), and follow me in Barcelona at #PepperAtMWC

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