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Amdocs employees at annual bake sale supporting Developmental Services Center (DSC)

Amdocs employees at annual bake sale supporting Developmental Services Center (DSC)

Amdocs isn’t the first place I’ve ever worked. I’ve worked in companies large and small, each with its own attitude toward corporate social responsibility. Some took it seriously, others ignored the idea completely. But one of the things I love about Amdocs, where I’ve worked for nearly ten years, is the importance, extending far beyond lip service, which we place on giving back to our community.

Our CEO, Eli Gelman, recently wrote “I believe our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct is a defining document.” He sets the tone for all 25,000 employees, regardless of their location or position. We are a company that transcends the bare minimum of acceptable corporate responsibility. Every element of our business is scrutinized, as we try to find ways we can not only help our customers, but help sustain our communities.

Hardly a week goes by where my colleagues on our Community Relations team don’t post stories about Amdocs employees working with kids, or helping the environment, or volunteering at a food bank. Our employees are active in South Africa, India and Israel, as well as throughout the United States and Canada.

Corporate social responsibility extends far beyond our volunteer activities. We’ve built it into our products. Our mobile financial services products are capable of changing the lives of millions living in underbanked regions in the world. In addition to simplifying money transfers to families living in villages, we’ve made it possible for individuals to access loans, make payments, and develop financial freedom. We’ve also helped cut down on paper usage, developing the tools our customers need to interact paperlessly with their customers.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy is structured around five pillars: Passionate People, Valuable Products and Services, Operational Excellence, Sustainable Supply Chain and Community Commitment. Between October 2013 and April 2015 we performed well across all areas, achieving nearly all of our objectives and securing a number of performance highlights. I invite you dive into our recently published CSR report, and see how an amazing company like ours can actually be extraordinary.

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