Why popping pills is bad for your IT operations’ health

When middle age found me at the back specialist seeking relief from the pain of a bulging disc, my inner geek (techie, or whatever you want to call it) couldn’t help but drawing similarities to the importance for service providers to find the right operations partner. After all, just as my orthopedist knew exactly which tests to order and what treatment I required, when operational issues start impacting your ability to serve your customers, only a real specialist will know how to identify your problems and draw up a strategy to resolve them. Sure, for some things, getting an IT […]  More >>

Why DevOps and why now?

It’s not only techies like me getting excited about DevOps. Even a year ago, the buzz wasn’t nearly as strong as it is today. The concept of “agile” is certainly not new; so what is it that’s making the entire industry suddenly wake up and get excited about the DevOps concept and hasten the pace towards its implementation? Out of curiosity, I found myself raising this topic with the many leaders I come across, both as part of my daily work at Amdocs, and in the more informal settings of social gatherings. I was looking to get to the core […]  More >>

Innovating the university scene

Back when I went to university, I took classes remotely. However, the technology of the time was immature, and hadn’t yet evolved to enable a full remote learning environment. Cloud environments were no more than a dream, which made a program we recently ran for six geographically scattered Indian universities that much more interesting to me. We work with universities around the world to help students develop the tool-set they need to integrate innovation into their professional lives. What makes this program stand out was the distance between the schools involved, and utilization of the cloud to bring it all […]  More >>

When is it ok to fail?

With a history going back to 2008, DevOps has been around for a while. And this movement is now making considerable inroads within the communications industry – with good reason. DevOps promises service providers the ability to deliver new products to market at a greater speed and higher quality than ever thought possible. But like all promises that sound too good to be true, faster product delivery and better service quality may elude certain aspects of your business. The communications environment is highly complex, with service providers dealing with hundreds of systems spanning multiple vendors and technologies, all of which […]  More >>

Dear future me: Tickle me!

Bo…ring! In the most comprehensive survey of boredom ever conducted, 4,000 Americans recorded their mood every waking half-hour, creating over 1 million records of daily routines. The survey found that performing monotonous or difficult tasks, such as working or studying, and tasks where the respondents’ autonomy was constrained, such as spending time with coworkers, ranked high as causes of boredom. The survey results reinforced the idea that boredom is about what you do rather than who you are. Where will we be in 5 years from now? There’s exciting news for people who spend their days bored at work. Bots […]  More >>

To Cloud or not to Cloud?

To Cloud, or not to Cloud? Honestly, that’s not really the question. Of course to Cloud! But which, how, when, where, why (and how much) – all must be answered during your cloud journey.  In order to answer them all correctly and professionally they need to be answered by a group of people – a team – who live, eat, breathe and dream CLOUD. Cloud has many options, standards and methodologies for implementation and configuration. If you let your enterprise run freely without standardizing, securing, and aligning the work around cloud you will quickly find yourself “losing your head” , […]  More >>

Meet the Experts: Do we have a new digital testing buying persona?

An Interview with Michael Goggin, Amdocs Testing Services Technology is no longer an exclusive domain of enterprise IT teams. Business units and corporate functions, such as marketing, customer success, procurement, accounting or logistics have become major consumers of Information Technology. Driven by the need to get products and services to market faster, the Lines of Business (LoBs) are rapidly adopting digital platforms and integrating newest technologies, such as mobile, cloud, IoT, and data analytics into the very core of their operations. With the LoBs wielding a much larger share of corporate budgets, is it now time to regard them as […]  More >>

We’re winners! – Connected Citizen/Smart City Catalyst takes TMForumLive Catalyst Award

Last Wednesday, TM Forum announced the winners of the 2017 Catalyst Team Awards and the Connected Citizen Catalyst team in which Amdocs participated won a prestigious award! 32 Catalysts were showcased at the TMForumLive! 2017. The “ Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City” catalyst in which Amdocs Revenue Guard participated – won the prestigious TMForumLive! 2017 Catalyst Team Award for “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets”. Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects which connect diverse organizations to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models. More than 100 member companies and hundreds of individuals participated […]  More >>

Open by design – the new way to grow in the digital economy

Jeff Immelt, the chairman and CEO of General Electric, put it best: “If you went to bed last night as industrial company, you’re going to wake up today as a software and analytics company.” In today’s era of flat growth across most industrial industries and in most parts of the world, the real opportunity lies in the digital economy. In what’s being touted as the fourth industrial revolution, everything (people, things, processes) is digital and connected, data is the currency, and analytics and intelligence become the value exchange occurring in digital ecosystems. We’re seeing this at our customers, communications service […]  More >>

Can immersive learning improve our real-life performance?

Take a look at this great video clip of B.B. King playing How Blue Can You Get to 80,000 people. This outstanding performance becomes even more breathtaking at about 3:30 minutes, when B.B. breaks a string on his guitar and changes it right onstage, without stopping the song. This is professionalism in action, and probably another reason why they call him the “King of the Blues”. B.B.’s professionalism is an example of dealing with a “rainy day” scenario – an unexpected event – that unlike the “sunny” or “happy path” scenarios, requires one’s mastery coupled with resourcefulness in order to […]  More >>