We’re winners! – Connected Citizen/Smart City Catalyst takes TMForumLive Catalyst Award

Last Wednesday, TM Forum announced the winners of the 2017 Catalyst Team Awards and the Connected Citizen Catalyst team in which Amdocs participated won a prestigious award! 32 Catalysts were showcased at the TMForumLive! 2017. The “ Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City” catalyst in which Amdocs Revenue Guard participated – won the prestigious TMForumLive! 2017 Catalyst Team Award for “Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets”. Catalysts are member-driven proof-of-concept projects which connect diverse organizations to develop innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models. More than 100 member companies and hundreds of individuals participated […]  More >>

Open by design – the new way to grow in the digital economy

Jeff Immelt, the chairman and CEO of General Electric, put it best: “If you went to bed last night as industrial company, you’re going to wake up today as a software and analytics company.” In today’s era of flat growth across most industrial industries and in most parts of the world, the real opportunity lies in the digital economy. In what’s being touted as the fourth industrial revolution, everything (people, things, processes) is digital and connected, data is the currency, and analytics and intelligence become the value exchange occurring in digital ecosystems. We’re seeing this at our customers, communications service […]  More >>

Can immersive learning improve our real-life performance?

Take a look at this great video clip of B.B. King playing How Blue Can You Get to 80,000 people. This outstanding performance becomes even more breathtaking at about 3:30 minutes, when B.B. breaks a string on his guitar and changes it right onstage, without stopping the song. This is professionalism in action, and probably another reason why they call him the “King of the Blues”. B.B.’s professionalism is an example of dealing with a “rainy day” scenario – an unexpected event – that unlike the “sunny” or “happy path” scenarios, requires one’s mastery coupled with resourcefulness in order to […]  More >>

Spring – time of big plans and new beginnings

Spring is in the air, and something about this season always makes us feel compelled to make changes, start new projects, get rid of clutter, sort out relationships and possessions, and get our affairs in order. Spring is the time for new beginnings – in nature, among people, and yes, even in software testing. The world of application development never stands still – innovations in technology give rise to new application design and building approaches, customer demand for faster, more convenient apps inspire teams to adopt new delivery methods, and the coming of age of a new generation of digital […]  More >>

We had an AWSome Day…the first of many!

The first question I might hear from the people reading this blog is, “Why did you leave the ‘E’ out of awesome?”  Because the AWS in “AWSome” stands for Amazon Web Services, and on March 23rd AWS held a one day event for close to 100 Amdocs employees in Tel Aviv, Israel.  In attendance were Amdocs developers, solution architects and engineers who were briefed on the latest features and services available from Amazon Web Services. This is an example of Amdocs technology leadership, as we continually work with cutting edge partners such as AWS to deliver innovation to our customers. This […]  More >>

Are we going to be replaced by Bots?

Prepare for employment in the age of artificial intelligence The innovation tsunami driven by artificial intelligence (AI) is about to wash away some of the familiar paradigms of how we work, learn, and educate, and will impact us all, either directly or indirectly. For centuries, humans have worried about “technological unemployment” or the loss of jobs caused by technological change. Never has this concern been felt more than it is today, the dawn of the next industrial revolution. The new worker robots, “Bots”, will be able to fully imitate the human brain. Using deep learning, an AI technology which mimics the […]  More >>

DevOps is Growing Up

DevOps guru and author Gary Gruver joins Yoav Ziv, Head of Amdocs Testing Services, in a webinar addressing the new set of challenges when scaling DevOps practices at the enterprise level DevOps is a key element of an enterprise digital transformation strategy – the close alignment between different groups involved in application delivery helps accelerate release cycles and deliver better quality software in less time. Over the past several years, nearly all of the leading Communications Service Providers have embarked on a DevOps journey as part of their application delivery modernization initiative. However, following the initial success of DevOps on […]  More >>

Finding the right moment

Nearly every night, my friend Erica puts her two young children kids to bed. By eight, she’s read them a story, tucked them in, gotten them water, walked them to the bathroom, tucked them in again, and turned off their light. With the house quiet, she sits on the couch, and unwinds while watching TV on her tablet. Over the past few months she’s been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and now that she’s just about caught up to season 13, Erica is looking for something new to watch. Which brings us to contextual digital engagement. If her service provider […]  More >>

Calculating the fraud risks of the digital era

Could you live without your mobile device?  In 2017, admitting that you can’t is hardly a cause for shame. Used continually for navigation, mobile purchases, downloading video, browsing news sites, exchanging WhatsApp messages — and even the occasional phone call — our mobile devices are now part of us.  Accompanying the upside of the digital revolution the human kind experiences, are many new threats and risks.  And as digital technology continues to evolve at a frantic rate, keeping pace with the increased risks presents an enormous challenge. Cyber Security Vulnerabilities are Turning into Fraud Enablers To understand how the technology […]  More >>

Good deeds are back

March has finally arrived, and brings with it the chirping of robins and the coming of Spring. It’s a time of renewal, and at Amdocs that means renewing our commitment to our communities and those in need. For the second straight year, we’ve designated March as Good Deeds Month, and this time, our goals are bigger than ever. As a tribute to our 35th anniversary, which we celebrated earlier this year, we’ve upped our employee volunteer hours goal for 2017 from 25,000 to 35,000 hours. It’s a lofty goal, and one that makes me proud to be an Amdocs employee. Amdocs […]  More >>