Learn to love your data, it is the fuel that powers business transformation

Dependence on data to drive business is only growing The clues to meeting the digital transformation challenge are hidden in the data; capturing, analyzing and exploring data generates understanding of the opportunities digital transformation can hold. From operational improvements that drive efficiency, through creating data-evidenced improved products and services – data which documents the organization’s day-to-day business can help find the questions, and offer insight on how they can be answered. While data has enjoyed a renaissance of appreciation amongst executives, its long-standing challenges of scale and complexity – and necessary investments in technology and skills – continue to present […]  More >>

Don’t wait: Now is the time to add intelligence to your applications and services

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a groundbreaking technology; act now to be positioned in a new market There is inevitable hype with any technology wave, especially one that has touched the public’s imagination through film media. So it’s doubly important to stay grounded and to separate fact from fiction. The facts are that AI has been researched in the past 60 years with incremental degrees of progress, but it’s in the past seven years that this technology, driven by deep learning neural networks, has broken through milestones in specialized thinking activities. Where competition is involved, it has beaten humans at these […]  More >>

Taking Care of Basics, and Way Beyond, with Artificial Intelligence

“Basics” Training for AI Programs In a recent article in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), the authors note that it is critical to have certain capabilities in place before “rushing into sophisticated artificial intelligence” (AI). “They (companies) must invest time and money to be prepared with sufficiently automated and structured data analytics in order to take full advantage of the new technologies. Like it or not, you can’t afford to skip the basics.” When referring to “automated analytics” – the authors, in effect, are referring to the capability of automatically accessing, collecting, and analyzing data relating to strategic organizational processes. […]  More >>

Is it time to change the channel?

As my family was preparing to go abroad for an end-of-school vacation last week out, taking the time to call our service provider for roaming options was not something I was eager to do. While my provider does send an SMS on roaming rates whenever I leave the country, it would be great if these were available on a more user-friendly platform. Perhaps even tailoring offers to my needs would also make them more attractive. In response to this common customer need, service providers have begun transitioning to new communication channels, such as Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. These channels deliver […]  More >>

Keeping ahead of the game: How to plan your AI journey in three phases

This post was contributed by Eden Zoller, Ovum Principal Analyst, Digital Media AI can bring benefits to all aspects of CSP operations AI is a key component supporting CSPs’ current and future IT systems, their platforms, and the processes they employ throughout the business. AI can have a positive impact on pretty much all aspects of CSP operations. AI can take network optimization to new levels; for example, AI can be used to optimize network configuration according to network-capacity demands, the characteristics of the traffic volumes, user behavior, and other parameters. AI can bring advanced intelligence to data analytics, particularly […]  More >>

When Going Digital, You Gotta Get Smart

Does your chatbot understand: “Help, I’ve lost my galaxy”? The Power of Intelligence Imagine you could intuitively understand, and even anticipate customer needs. Imagine you could automatically adapt engagements and offers to address these needs – in real time. What if you could effortlessly and automatically improve customer experience, or dynamically manage the product catalog? And imagine doing all of this in real time, with minimal to zero human intervention. (Mastering non-human services is a must for every communications service provider (CSP). Consider this: according to Gartner, by 2020, 85% of your customer relationships will happen without a human involved). […]  More >>

If advertising died, would consumers mourn

Is This the End of Days for Advertising? Last month Forrester published a report for CMOs, provocatively entitled, “The End Of Advertising As We Know It,” (May 2017). The report’s subtitle articulates an equally provocative rallying call to action to “shift billions (of dollars) from ad interruptions to branded relationships.” That is, a dollar spent on display advertising is a dollar wasted – according to Forrester. Where, budget invested in technologies that promote deeper customer relationships will bring ever greater marketing returns. In the report, it is noted that the impending fall of modern advertising is mainly due to two […]  More >>

Is it a smarter chatbot, or a smartbot?

Earlier this week I read Albizu Garcia’s VentureBeat article, Are Chatbots just another fad?, where he argues that while chatbots are more than just a fad, the most useful ones are the ones that severely limit their interaction. The trouble, he writes, is that “because of the lack of advancement thus far in NLP (natural language processing) and ML (machine learning) technologies, chatbots are currently only able to handle basic interactions,” and for the most part, he nails the issue on the head for the typical chatbot. Until now. Imagine a scenario where you open Facebook Messenger and message your […]  More >>

Pay-TV as an add-on to your wireless plan

AT&T recently announced that customers with Unlimited plans can add their DirecTV Now offering for as little as 10 dollars a month, after credits to their bills for setting up autopay and eBilling. Now, just to clarify, DirecTV Now is not a video library of last season’s episodes and last years’ box office bombs. The “Live a Little” plan referred to in the announcement includes over 60 live TV channels, including broadcast TV networks ABC, NBC, and Fox, as well as a number of popular cable channels, like BBC, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, Discovery, Disney Channel, ESPN, MTV, and Nickelodeon. […]  More >>

Simple sophistication in customer engagement

I came across a report this week that popular MVNO US Mobile is beefing up their network coverage by adding “service on the biggest, and most dependable 4G LTE network in America.” Assumptions are that they are referring to Verizon as their marketing focuses on the breadth of their network. What’s interesting about this story is US Mobile’s offering itself. US Mobile offers customers the ability to customize their plan with granular offers. This means that a subscriber can choose the number of minutes, texts and GBs of data from a tiered selection of offers. Each element of the plan […]  More >>
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