Simple sophistication in customer engagement

I came across a report this week that popular MVNO US Mobile is beefing up their network coverage by adding “service on the biggest, and most dependable 4G LTE network in America.” Assumptions are that they are referring to Verizon as their marketing focuses on the breadth of their network. What’s interesting about this story is US Mobile’s offering itself. US Mobile offers customers the ability to customize their plan with granular offers. This means that a subscriber can choose the number of minutes, texts and GBs of data from a tiered selection of offers. Each element of the plan […]  More >>

4 Quick Takeaways from TM Forum in Nice: Google, Gambling and Sentiment Analysis

As always, there couldn’t have been a prettier venue then Nice for the recent TM Forum event. While the setting between the azure Mediterranean Sea and the soaring Alps felt timeless, the sentiment inside the conference was one of industry change — big change. Here are a couple of quick takeaways from the 3-day event: 1) Service providers aren’t asking whether it’s worth going digital, but how. We’re past the stage of explaining the benefits of such a transformation. This entire conference revolved around what practical measures exist for CSPs to best achieve their digital goals. So if you haven’t […]  More >>

There’s data, and then there’s Data

Masses of Data from Billions of Connected Consumers The numbers are staggering. There are 7.5 billion people online today, 1.8 billion images posted to social networks daily, and experts forecast there will be over 6 billion connected smart phone users by 2020. It is no surprise then that market-research firm IDC is predicting that the amount of data to be created in the world by 2025 will reach 180 zettabytes. That’s 180 trillion gigabytes! The implications of all these masses and masses of data are profound and far reaching. In fact, the Economist recently published a lengthy article on the […]  More >>

How does the Communications Service Provider of today become the Digital Service Provider of tomorrow?

Next week at TM Forum Live in Nice, France (May 15-18) Amdocs, along with our partners BearingPoint, Bell Canada, Beyond Verbal, CallVU, ESRI, Microsoft, NTT, Orange, and Symantec, will be showcasing two proof-of-concept Catalyst projects: Sentimental Applications and Humanization of technology, championed by Bell Canada. Partners include Beyond Verbal, CallVU and Microsoft. Connected Citizen showcasing “Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City.” This project is led by Orange and NTT Group and has partners including BearingPoint, ESRI, and Symantec. Cognitive intelligence at its best Bell Canada is championing a project to demonstrate how cognitive intelligence can help a communication service […]  More >>

Service Providers are Diving into the Digital Economy

How much would you pay to watch a single NFL game? Luckily you don’t have to answer that because Verizon has already picked up the tab for the September 24th game between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars. In fact they paid 21 million dollars so that you could stream it live around the world on their various media properties. If 21 Million dollars sounds like a lot for one game – Amazon spent 50 million for a 10-game package, but theirs is not exclusive – you may be underestimating how aggressively Communications Service Providers are pursuing their transformation to […]  More >>
sand art

Digital Transformations: A Work Of Art?

On a recent vacation with my family, we found ourselves in a small arts shop creating sand art. All five of us began with the same brightly colored piles of sand. I liked the contrast between blue and yellow that reminded me of the beach. My daughter preferred bright reds and deep greens. By the time we finished, each had produced entirely unique works of art. Observing our little masterpieces, it reminded me a little of the way communications service providers (CSPs) are transforming into digital service providers (DSPs). We each brought different visions, skills and preferences to our projects. […]  More >>

Oxymoron? AI Enabling Authentic Customer Engagements

 “Putting together a strategy for AI will be on every CSP’s agenda for 2017,” Ovum, 2017 trends to watch (Jan/2017). In a recent article by Inc. magazine on “How to Create Meaningful Customer Relationships in the Age of Artificial Intelligence,” Molly Reynolds noted that two of today’s biggest trends are authenticity in the context of building meaningful customer relationships, and artificial intelligence (AI). Reynolds pointed out, that “these two things (authenticity and artificial intelligence) don’t really seem to fit together.” However, we have found (as Reynolds ultimately concludes) that just the opposite is true. Not only do authentic customer engagements […]  More >>

Finding the right moment

Nearly every night, my friend Erica puts her two young children kids to bed. By eight, she’s read them a story, tucked them in, gotten them water, walked them to the bathroom, tucked them in again, and turned off their light. With the house quiet, she sits on the couch, and unwinds while watching TV on her tablet. Over the past few months she’s been catching up on Grey’s Anatomy, and now that she’s just about caught up to season 13, Erica is looking for something new to watch. Which brings us to contextual digital engagement. If her service provider […]  More >>

AI that’s here to stay

You couldn’t walk through Mobile World Congress without coming away with these two observations. First, the new Amdocs colors are really striking, and second, artificial intelligence (AI) has reached center stage. The fit between AI and service providers delivering services to tens of millions of users each day is a natural one – through machine learning and automated processes, service providers will have an easier time delivering services to customers that they want, possibly before they even realize they want it. AI looks to deliver benefits that go far beyond the front end system. Smart networks, utilizing virtualized servers, will […]  More >>

Artificial Intelligence re-shaping the telco industry

The impact of artificial intelligence on the telco industry will be profound in coming years, with intelligent data analysis and machine learning helping to deliver a better customer and consumer experience. On Monday at MWC in Barcelona, Amdocs launched aia – a digital intelligence platform that will enable telcos to use real-time data to feed processes and business activity. We spoke to industry analysts and Amdocs partners at Mobile World Congress to understand how artificial intelligence is likely to further impact all of those involved in communications delivery, as well as the customer. Industry analyst Justin van der Lande from […]  More >>