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Welcoming the NFV Revolution

Network functions virtualization, or NFV, will be a key topic at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam this week, and it’s a great time to start thinking about things. According to Heavy Reading, “(network functions virtualization) will revolutionize the way networks are built and drive down network operators’ costs.” The key words here are “built” and “drive down.” Driving down costs is a straightforward discussion. Put simply, generic network appliances are cheaper than specialized iron. Deploying control plane functionality on network appliances results in savings on electricity (for powering and cooling the equipment) and rack space. Facilities budgets, capital plans and operation inventories will become less complex with time (and it has been a long time since anyone has been able to say that).  More >>

The past (and future) of convergence

Convergence is not a new idea. In the mid-90s the cable industry was buzzing about how multiple services could be delivered over a single coaxial cable running into your house. Imagine – one cable for video, voice and data (in 2013, it’s hard to express how lofty this idea once seemed). By early 2003, the cable industry had become leaders in providing internet services and had indeed accomplished convergence for residential voice, video and data in most of their footprint. But making convergence work in that era wasn’t trivial. Although the services were delivered through the same pipe, the radio […]  More >>

Service Provider Wi-Fi – Preventative Medicine or Vitamin Boost?

What do you think is the main objective behind service providers’ Wi-Fi strategy? Service differentiation – offload – monetization? We recently surveyed more than 30 global operators, and asked operators to rank the top three objectives for leveraging Wi-Fi in their future growth strategies. 40% identified service differentiation as their number one objective; with 30% identifying data offload as their top objective. If we had conducted the same survey a year ago, it’s highly likely that data offload would have resoundingly been cited as the main objective. It’s clear that offload still remains very important to operators as it delivers medicinal value in relieving congested mobile broadband networks. However, […]  More >>

InTouch 2012: What customers really think about their data experience

Amdocs revenue management summitAre your customers happy with their data experience? Do they even know what data plan they have and how much they’re paying for it? What would they really be prepared to pay extra for? For a small taste of what they had to say, take a look at this video, and join us at the Amdocs InTouch Business Forum in Miami for a detailed discussion of the findings at the Revenue Management Summit.  More >>

Introducing the Amdocs Data Experience Solution

As you may have heard, today Amdocs introduced a new solution that will help mobile service providers redefine the data experience for their customers! This is the industry’s first pre-integrated policy and charging system, designed to enable rapid mobile data service creation and monetization using a pre-integrated system approach. It includes eight popular market offers that come pre-configured and available out of the box, allowing service providers to accelerate service creation and monetize data services. It integrates a comprehensive set of IT and Network product functions including product catalog, network control and an integrated policy and charging engine. Let’s talk […]  More >>