The Value of a System Approach

There’s been a lot of discussion in the market lately about the value of integrated policy and charging from operators, vendors, analysts and others. As part of a recent survey we conducted with Heavy Reading, we got some valuable service provider perspectives on this topic. The service providers who took part in the survey strongly endorsed the need for tight integration between the policy control function and real-time charging. There are a number of reasons for this but the most significant driver is the need to support the next  wave of data services to drive data monetization – things like tiered services, shared device plans, and family plans.

Due to the extremely competitive environment for a share of the data services pie, operators need every advantage they can get. At Amdocs we believe an integrated policy and charging system will give them this edge. It will help them get to market quickly with  innovative data services and targeted offers and having a tightly  integrated system that combines usage metering and policy control with monetary balance management  will help service providers in the quest to offer the best possible data experience to all their users.

The Amdocs Data Experience Solution comes with eight popular pre-integrated market offers that get new services out in the market in a matter of months. These market offers come pre-configured but can also be customized to meet the unique of individual service providers based on their regional markets.

An integrated system not only gets services to market faster – it also significantly reduces network and IT integration costs.

These are just a few reasons why Amdocs believes in a system approach to help operators redefine their users data experience.

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