Providing a unique data experience, not just another data plan

By Ann Hatchell

Director, Solutions and Product Marketing

Consumer and business users have never had so much choice today – cool smart devices, many different data plans.  Let’s face it; many of us now have multiple devices – dongle, smartphone and tablet – this is quickly becoming the norm in some markets.  And of course, let’s not forget – choice in service provider.   Hotly contested markets, the drive for subscriber acquisition, and customer loyalty – these are all key concerns for today’s CSPs.

The data experience is fast becoming a key battleground for differentiation.  This is a subset of the overall customer experience,  but focused on what happens when a user is on the network, how quickly they get access, speed of which applications are delivered ,  quality of the experience and dynamic offers that are delivered when they are needed most!  At a pending usage breach, when roaming, when trying to download a movie.

Customers don’t buy a data plan, they buy a data experience and one that is now as personal as their device.  How that data experience is delivered and managed by the CSP– in a personalized manner – is critical. 

Consider the opportunity in creating high targeted consumer and business user propositions.  There is strong interest in creating targeted propositions or data experiences.  For say  the mobile sports user who wants constant access to a set of specific streaming media applications but perhaps only at weekends or evenings with unmetered  access during those times, and at a guaranteed quality of service.  Or the business user who wants credit on his 3G account, when he uses WiFi out of the office.  Finally, the budget conscious first time smartphone user, who wants a base plan with opportunities for 1 time QoS boosts, to improve his experience when he chooses (and when he needs it) , vs. paying for this as part of his regular monthly plan. And with notifications when he reaches an impending usage threshold – all designed to give him what he needs, and when he needs it.

Interesting but complex!  This is where integrated policy and charging come into play.  Being able to create and deliver complex but targeted consumer and business propositions, and leverage these based on some key dynamic parameters – time, volume, application type, monetary options, and usage thresholds – that can all be managed in real time.  These technologies provide the tools to create these dynamic data experiences.

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