Introducing the Amdocs Data Experience Solution

As you may have heard, today Amdocs introduced a new solution that will help mobile service providers redefine the data experience for their customers! This is the industry’s first pre-integrated policy and charging system, designed to enable rapid mobile data service creation and monetization using a pre-integrated system approach.

It includes eight popular market offers that come pre-configured and available out of the box, allowing service providers to accelerate service creation and monetize data services. It integrates a comprehensive set of IT and Network product functions including product catalog, network control and an integrated policy and charging engine.
Let’s talk about a how one of these market offers – the Tiered Services Market Offer – can help service providers create a more personalized data experience for their customers.

Let’s say I have an introductory data plan that gives me access to email and BBM. When I try to log onto Facebook to check out some pictures a friend posted, I get a notification from my service provider telling me my plan isn’t set up for Internet browsing and social media. They immediately offer me a promotion they are running on a new data plan that is geared towards users like me – who need to be constantly connected to their friends and family over social media sites. I can access the self-care portal immediately and upgrade my plan. The Tiered Services Market Offer gives operators the ability to create flexible plans that meet all kinds of different subscriber needs like the social media example I just described. In this case, I would get direct control over my data plan and convenient access to upgrade opportunities allowing me to customize my plan to fit my needs!

This is just one of the market offers included with the Data Experience Solution. Check out the Data Experience Showcase to learn more about these market offers, and don’t forget to join me and my colleagues for our chat sessions where we can talk one-on-one about how Amdocs can help service providers monetize data and create a new kind of data experience. Find out more at the live launch site,

You can also follow tweets about the launch on Twitter at #DESLaunch


  1. Posted November 29, 2011 at 1:36 pm | Permalink

    What are the variables of the tailor made data plans?

    I assume it’s all about offering different combinations of megabits and gigabytes?

  2. Manasa Agaram
    Posted November 30, 2011 at 6:14 pm | Permalink

    It’s much more than just MBs and GBs, it’s all about tailoring plans to meet the unique needs of each subscriber! Service providers can offer tiered plans based on more than just general data usage, for example they can offer social media plans targeted towards users who always want to be connected to their networks, or plans geared towards the enterprise user with guaranteed service quality or roaming packages. Service providers can also personalize data plans by offering targeted promotions and services, like week long video passes, or happy hour times with unlimited data access.

    Data usage by subscribers has evolved from simple convenience to necessity and operators need to offer attractive services to enhance and personalize the mobile experience rather than simply offering megabytes and gigabytes.

    What kinds of plans would you be interested in, and would you switch from an unlimited data plan to one thats better suited to your usage tier and usage habbits?

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