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Four Reasons for Service Providers to Smile in 2012

I originally intended to write this blog post about positive trends in 2012 much closer to January 1, but I was busy planning a big celebration.  I’m of course referring to Amdocs’ upcoming 30th anniversary year (what did you think I meant?). Keep an eye on this space for more details … And speaking of the future, here are four reasons from a born optimist for service providers to smile in 2012: 1. Innovation will flourish, in part due to operational efficiencies caused by the economic slowdown. This will be particularly felt in Europe and North America. People often think […]  More >>

Various Opportunities, Interesting Potential (VoIP)

Microsoft is in the process of acquiring Skype – which has partnered with Facebook. Do these new developments signal that the sky is falling for service providers? The quick answer is “no.” First of all, some analysts are even predicting that partnering with Facebook may hurt Skype, turning it into a type of dumb pipe. Regardless of the outcome of that specific partnership, service providers would be wise to adopt a “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” mentality, because although the immediate going might be rough, VoIP just might eventually stand for “Various Opportunities, Interesting Potential.” An example of […]  More >>