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Big Data = Big Business Opportunity

Do you like the term “Big Data”? It is actually a misnomer, because the data is not really “big.” Data is of course still the same size, but now there’s simply so much more of it. I guess “Massive Amounts of Data,” which could have been shortened to MAD, just wasn’t as catchy. Regardless of what we call it, Big Data represents a BIG business opportunity for service providers. According to the Cisco® Visual Networking Index (VNI) released last May, there will be 1.3 zettabytes of IP traffic by the end of 2016 (a zettabyte equals 1021 bytes – that’s […]  More >>

“Partnership” – No Longer a Dirty Word

“Partnership” used to be a dirty word in the service provider world. During the not-so-long-ago era when walled gardens were seen as the future, service providers invested in dedicated portals in an attempt to keep customers locked into their environments. Luckily for consumers, times have changed. A recent survey conducted by leading research firm Coleman Parkes took a deeper look at the relationships between service providers, over-the-top (OTT) players (a generic term for companies that offer services over a network that they don’t own) and device manufacturers. The good news is that 70 percent of service providers view OTT players […]  More >>

Back to School Offers

Yes, it’s that time again! Vacation is over and the kids are back in school. My 8-year-old daughter informed me this year that is was time for her to get connected. She demanded a Facebook account, a mobile phone and an email account. I took a hard line on Facebook, gave in to the email account and postponed the phone discussion. The conversation got me thinking about telecommunications plans marketed to children. How are service providers approaching this lucrative market segment? First I was interested in doing some quick background research. Growing Wireless, a helpful website run by CTIA-The Wireless […]  More >>

Going for the Gold in London

Are you excited for the start of the 2012 Olympic Games tomorrow? Although I’m not a huge sports fan, there is something magical about the world’s nations coming together to test human limits and create magical moments. As a young child, I still remember my family’s excitement when Nadia Comaneci scored a perfect 10 for the first time in modern Olympic gymnastics history. People across the globe jumped to their feet and cheered for the young Romanian gymnast’s amazing performance. The 2012 Olympic Games in London promises to be a global spectacle that attracts billions of viewers. Global consumer brands, such […]  More >>

Is 4G “Can’t Miss” for Service Providers?

4G/LTE is the future. The additional network capacity will enable service providers to effectively handle the increased data demand and provide faster speeds to customers. And 4G promises new opportunities that will increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction. But effective monetization and implementation will not come easily or automatically. Users will not adopt unless they understand the value. Please check out my video for a brief overview on 4G, including a market overview, business benefits, monetization strategies and how Amdocs can help service providers throughout the 4G lifecycle. As always, comments are welcomed.  More >>

Whether to Tether…

One of the perks of having a smartphone is the ability to share the phone’s Internet connection with computers or other devices (which is called “tethering”). This is a great feature, essentially eliminating the need to find a WiFi hot spot – consumers can basically take their wireless environment with them on-the-go. Actually, maybe I should say this feature is great for consumers, but what about service providers? Already last summer it was reported that 10 percent of mobile provider Three UK’s traffic was from tethering. And both AT&T and Verizon have cracked down on unauthorized tethering to free up […]  More >>

The State of Security – Storage and Backup

At Mobile World Congress a month and a half ago, someone snatched my wallet from my purse in broad daylight. My two credit cards, some cash and my driver’s license were gone. They can all be easily replaced, but it will be more difficult to improve my shaken sense of security. Luckily, my phone and passport – two things that would have been much harder to replace – were not snatched. The robbery, along with World Backup Day (who knew there was a day dedicated day to backing up all of our computers, devices and phones?) and the news that […]  More >>

And the winners are…

I follow several The X Factor programs around the globe quite closely. Beyond really enjoying the program, I love looking for that intangible “it” quality possessed by certain artists. Yossi Lemel, Robert Webb and I got to feel like Simon Cowell as judges for the Amdocs-sponsored The Art of Convergence competition. Young designers from various disciplines created unique visual interpretations of the convergence of individuals or communities through communication. My fellow judges and I had the very difficult task of determining which of the many good submissions – there were over 250 entrants from nearly 50 countries – were the […]  More >>

Birthdays and Brands

I have always loved celebrating birthdays. Should I be embarrassed to admit that I was notorious among my friends for leaving them little notes stating exactly how many days were left until my b-day? Maybe this is why I am especially excited about Amdocs’ 30th birthday celebration. In today’s ever-changing world, turning 30 is a significant milestone (at least that is what friends have told me). As part of the planning of this milestone, Amdocs Global Marketing has strategically repositioned our company. We want to ensure that the market knows not only WHAT we do, but also WHO we are. […]  More >>

Four Reasons for Service Providers to Smile in 2012

I originally intended to write this blog post about positive trends in 2012 much closer to January 1, but I was busy planning a big celebration.  I’m of course referring to Amdocs’ upcoming 30th anniversary year (what did you think I meant?). Keep an eye on this space for more details … And speaking of the future, here are four reasons from a born optimist for service providers to smile in 2012: 1. Innovation will flourish, in part due to operational efficiencies caused by the economic slowdown. This will be particularly felt in Europe and North America. People often think […]  More >>