What Drives Customer Loyalty? Thoughts from Berlin

Clearly, customer loyalty is important to service providers. Loyal customers promote their brand, they tell their friends and family how great it is, and according to some research, they are more willing to buy more services from their favorite brand. Some service providers say that their most loyal customers are actually  those that have been with them for many years – some who still use feature phones and have very low rate plans. How customer loyalty translates to customer value is an interesting discussion, and one of many we just had in Berlin, where I had the pleasure of chairing […]  More >>

Proactive Care…So You Don’t Miss a Minute

Amdocs Proactive Care anticipates my needs, alerts me about data limits, sends me messages and can let me know when there are deals available. That way, I never miss anything, and am not hit with bill shock.  More >>

Amdocs Proactive Care: TMC Product of the Year

TMC has recognized Amdocs Proactive Care as a Communications Solution Product of the Year. Per TMC CEO Rich Tehrani, the award acknowledges products that “demonstrated excellence in technological advancement and innovation.”  Amdocs and the other selected winners all “demonstrated a commitment to quality and excellence that differentiated them from the competition,” said Erik Linask, editorial director of the TMC Group. So why was this product recognized? Amdocs Proactive Care is first in the market to realize a new approach to serving customers. It translates massive amounts of insightful data within service provider operations into proactive actions, enabling a better customer experience. This […]  More >>

Who Cares about Care?

Who cares about care? We all do. Because with more smartphones than people on the planet, all of us now consume communication services using our various devices. But we’re still not getting the same kind of interaction experience with our service providers that we’re getting from experience evangelists like Amazon, Apple and American Express. Amazon, for example, recommends new purchases to users based on purchases made by others with similar profiles. The result is that more relevant offers are suggested. And it’s successful – a comparison of Amazon’s proactive campaigns uptake ratio to campaign hit rates for communication service providers shows that […]  More >>

Provide care before customers are aware (of problems)

Hundreds of products, devices, features and price plans. Millions of customers. And several million ways these can all be combined. The result? A whole lot of questions—and potential problems— for customers, who turn to the call center for help. No one said supporting complexity would be simple.  So how do service providers solve issues to ensure that call centers won’t be overloaded, and that customers will happily recommend them to their friends? To find out, and to better help service providers understand  their subscribers’ experiences and expectations, Amdocs commissioned a global consumer survey with Coleman Parkes of 4000 consumers worldwide. […]  More >>

New in CES 9: Empower Customers to Serve Themselves

Self-service portals have been around for a long time. But more than a decade later, service providers report that as few as 20% of their customers actually use them. Today’s consumers demand personalized, anywhere service. So why aren’t they using this channel that gives them the ultimate anytime engagement? Consumers have been disappointed Many users have tried self-service portals, but after an unsuccessful attempt or two, they generally become frustrated and eventually resort to calling the contact center. The typical self-service portal contains an overwhelming amount of information, making it difficult for users to find what they are looking for […]  More >>
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Service providers look to simplify and get proactive

In May, Amdocs surveyed 59 service providers from around the globe on customer experience trends during the Amdocs InTouch Customer Management Summit in Miami. The main takeaway was that the need for simplification has never been greater. Consistency across channels One of the interesting statistics from the survey was that 66% of service providers believe that their customers do not receive consistent service across all channels (contact centers, online, stores). This causes customers to become frustrated and abandon transactions, including purchases. The lack of consistency also explains why customers gravitate towards assisted channels for support, as well as purchasing, even […]  More >>

What’s Next: Zero-Touch Customer Management

The other day I had the opportunity to speak with TMCnet CEO Rich Tehrani. During the interview, Rich asked me about recent research conducted by Amdocs, which found that zero-touch customer management is the next frontier in customer experience. Zero-touch customer management includes the ways in which customers can be effectively managed without heavily relying on assisted channels, such as call centers and stores. Zero-touch customer management is the ability to mitigate, if not eliminate, many types of interactions through effective self-service channels. It’s a hot topic these days, because it marries the often competing objectives of delivering a superior […]  More >>
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Proactive Care: Know how to fix the problem? Tell your customers!

Most customers expect that if their service providers are aware of a problem, and know how to fix it or notify customer about it, why don’t they do it already? A whopping 96% of customers expect their service providers to proactively notify them about actions being taken—or even better—the solution to an impending problem. Why? So that they don’t have to spend time trying to work out the problem, or have to call the call center in the first place!  More >>

Why aren’t you listening to your smartphone customers?

Customers have spoken, loud and clear. But it seems like nobody is paying attention to what they are saying. There is a huge gap between what the customers expect and what the service providers are offering. Although smartphones and instant access to information have given the new smartphone customer power, influence and choices that never existed before, service providers have not managed to build upon this familiarity with devices and channels to provide a good customer experience and save money at the same time.  More >>