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The Internet of Things isn’t just an idea – it’s an actual place

LSFrom sheep, contact lenses, and cars, to farming equipment and shipping containers, we’re now using sensors and signals to seemingly connect pretty much anything, and everything. But at this moment, as I rub shoulders with Internet of  Things pioneers from companies like American Airlines, Ford, Pebble, and Automate, the Internet of things is more than innovative idea or an object:it’s an actual, physical place. I’m talking about Levi’s Stadium, host to the 2015 IoT Influencer conference and the home of the San Francisco 49ers in the National Football League (NFL). So what makes this stadium so special? Built to create a […]  More >>

And the award for “Best Oscar-Night Coverage” this year goes to…

BLOGGER: JEFF BARAK OK, so there isn’t actually an Oscar like that, but neither is Oscar-night coverage a “winner take all” competition between television and the Internet. This year’s Oscar coverage showed how the traditional television model can happily co-exist, and even embrace what previously had been seen as the disruptive factor of online viewing. First of all, the Internet has (perhaps counter-intuitively) boosted viewing figures for television’s marquee events such as the Oscars or American fooball’s Super Bowl. With the rise of social media, more and more people are watching the Super Bowl and other similar events live on […]  More >>