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Surprise! (OTT life isn’t as great as you might think…)

Is competing against OTTs a thing of the past?Imagine I’m a service provider and that I’m holding a great party at my house, but I end up getting locked out and when people leave, they start to take my stuff with them. That’s a (very) simple analogy of what an OTT (over-the top) player usually means to service providers who, despite investing billions in enabling the connectivity that we take for granted, don’t see a return on the services or the apps that are being used over the top and congesting the network. On top of this (pardon the pun), OTT is also having an negative impact on their […]  More >>

You don’t need Mad Men to promote your business (Try net promoter scores instead)

Personal recommendations are more powerful than advertisingIf you thought the best way to secure brand loyalty these days is smart advertising, think again. According to Fred Reichheld’s  best seller, “The Ultimate Question”, no question better defines how loyal you are than: How likely am I to recommend my service provider to a friend or colleague? This is what carriers like AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA are focusing on understanding (and acting upon) by trying to increase their net promoter score – an index premised on the fact that customers’ satisfaction and loyalty can be measured, as well as compared. And there’s definitely room for […]  More >>

The multichannel experience: Did it all start with Amazon?

Amazon changed the way we shopWhat do you think of when you think of “Amazon”: the Kindle? Online shopping? eBooks? Cloud web services? Convenience?  OK, well, how about: “We would love to open Amazon retail stores” Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO. While the idea of Amazon And wetting up an additional sales channel in the form of  brick-and-mortar retail stores may be surprising, according to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos in an interview with CBS, that’s actually something that Amazon would consider, providing they can “do something that is uniquely Amazon”. And that fits in with what comes to mind when I think of Amazon: “sales” […]  More >>

Me and my (cool?) BlackBerry

eric_baseball2012 wasn’t an easy year to be a proud BlackBerry owner. Let’s face it: many of us take pride in being associated with cutting-edge communications brands. But lately, it seems like every time I whip out my BlackBerry, I draw a sarcastic dig from a smug iPhone or Samsung owner… (you know who you are!)  More >>

Why service providers probably want to avoid boiling frog syndrome… (Live blogging from TMF’s Management World Americas)

First-day-registration-300x225This year’s Management World Americas is all about change, according to TM Forum CEO Martin Creaner, who opened the conference yesterday morning. It has to be. Otherwise the communications industry is in danger of “boiling frog syndrome” – if we don’t react dramatically to the changes happening slowly around us slowly enough,  it might be late (and by then we’ll be cooked). The communications industry has traditionally been much better at sustaining innovation (i.e. making things better) than disruptive innovation, but now we’re going to have to adopt disruption, (and maybe even cannibalize our own businesses), in order to survive. […]  More >>

“How would you like to pay for that, sir? Cash, credit or phone?”

Wired's Christina Bonnington spent one month using a digital wallet instead of a physical one.There are so many digital wallets out there today that if they were actual physical items, you would be hard-pressed to find a purse, pocketbook, handbag or jacket pocket big enough to safely store them. And last month, yet another one appeared, with the launch of the long-awaited Isis mobile wallet. This joint venture of AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile allows consumers to pay on the go with their phones, using NFC (near field communication) technology. While it’s currently still only available in Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah, there are already hundreds of stores in these cities ready to […]  More >>

Star Wars’ top 5 lessons for service providers

saberWith the Star Wars brand once again making big international news, I think it’s the perfect time to reexamine the timeless wisdom it has to offer…so here are my top five lessons that service providers can learn from the Star Wars franchise*: Partner for success – doing battle with The Empire was such a monumental task that even an enthusiastic Jedi Knight like Luke Skywalker had to team up with the free-spirited rebel forces to experience success. There are now promising signs that service providers and over-the-top (OTT) players are also letting go of old grudges to work together for their […]  More >>

From “liquid networks” to the “Internet of everything”… Live blogging from 4G World

A 4G world will change everything - from the network to the customer experienceEven though Hurricane Sandy did her best to disrupt the 4GWorld conference, the show still went on, with topics ranging from “liquid networks” to the “Internet of everything”: A fireside chat with the FCC touched on the approach that the FCC should take towards regulating next generation mobile networks. Unlike wireline networks which have a history of strong regulation, wireless has enjoyed a light touch when it comes to regulation. The same should be applied to mobile next generation networks to encourage development of applications and innovation. And a push for  innovation was (not surprisingly) the main focus of Praveen […]  More >>

Live at 4G World: How’s your (e)Health these days?

Not feeling well today? Worried about your health? Don’t worry – your service provider will fix you right up – or at least that’s the plan in the future (and you’ll have The Cloud to thank for that). Not surprisingly, “The Cloud” is a focus at 4G World, with discussions ranging from cloud best practices to best strategies to best user experiences. And one of the “potentially the most attractive” opportunities of all the “verticals” being addressed by operators is the still relatively-untapped mobile health, or eHealth, space (GSMA & AT Kearney report). Llike me, you might already have downloaded […]  More >>

Our WebRTC future (If you can set up a blog, you can set up a telephony service)

Is WebRTC going to be game changing? Well, I just came back from the WebRTC conference in Paris where I presented three sessions, and one thing really stood out: there are many different points of view when it comes to WebRTC. The carriers generally see themselves as at the center of communications and believe that while it’s crucial to innovate, any innovations in communications have to connect to what they are doing today, which is collectively working on IP-based solutions to replace all circuit-switched communications. The reason why they’re focusing on these solutions is their move to LTE networks to […]  More >>

Jimmy Kimmel’s iClone

Would you know the difference between the new iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S? Are you sure? Late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel checked this out. Random people on the street were given an iPhone 4S, but were told it was the new iPhone 5. Perhaps predictably, many of these consumers raved about the “new” phone and explained its phantom benefits. As Naomi Weiser recently wrote on this blog, new devices like the iPhone 5 spur calls to service providers’ call centers. The above clip explains one reason why: some consumers are not particularly tech-savvy. This is true for both devices […]  More >>

The fight for your rights

It’s hard to escape the “Bruce Willis takes on Apple over digital rights” story – it’s been all over the news – in which he apparently wanted to be able to pass on an impressive iTunes collection to his children in the event of his death and was going to fight Apple over the right to do this. (A corporate version of Die Hard perhaps?)  And although it now appears that this story now might not be true (according to a tweet by his wife Emma Hemming-Willis), it still highlights a very real digital-rights dilemma: basically, unless you took the […]  More >>

What? You haven’t heard of WebRTC yet? (You will…)

How many of you use FaceTime, Viber or Skype, rather than picking up the phone? I bet there are quite a few of you out there. Personally, I actually use all of these (and others…), depending on whom I’m calling.  That’s not great news for service providers who have to fight off aggressive over the top (OTT) players like these offering free communication services, (ironically over the service providers’ own networks) – and with hundreds of millions of users, they definitely have an impact on service provider revenues. But now an even bigger challenge has appeared, courtesy of Google. It’s called WebRTC […]  More >>

2012: The year the Olympics went mobile

Did you watch fastest man on the planet Usain Bolt take the gold yesterday in the amazing 100m men’s final? Blink, and you could have missed it – he ran that fast. (By the way, here’s the race re-enacted using Lego – yes, Lego – for anyone who’d like to watch it with a slightly different perspective!)  Or how about Andy Murray’s “biggest moment of his life” finally beating Roger Federer to the gold medal at Wimbledon? And what about the most decorated Olympian ever, swimmer Michael Phelps with 18 Olympic Gold medals?  Now I’m going to take an educated guess […]  More >>

Enjoy the live streaming (but just don’t call it “soccer”)

If you find yourself anywhere near John Cleese any time soon, just don’t refer to it as “soccer”!    But whatever you call it, the Euro 2012 (football) final will have millions worldwide glued to their screens to see whether Spain will be taking home the trophy this year – and a large number of them will be using mobile devices to do it. One reason for this uptake is that the arena for live streaming of sports on mobile devices is getting really exciting, and content providers are both recognizing and embracing the opportunity. Want to watch Rafael Nadal take on […]  More >>

Will MVNOs live long and prosper?

Everyone seems to be setting up an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) these days. Supermarket retailers (think Asda Mobile or 7-Eleven Speak Out Wireless).  22-year old college students (“It was just one of those things…” explains John Mardini, founder of Voyager). And now both Apple and Amazon are rumored to be interested in the MVNO model as well. So why do they all believe there’s enough business going around for everyone? First of all, an MVNO is a cell phone carrier (usually offering prepaid) which doesn’t have its own network infrastructure and licensed radio spectrum. Instead, it buys minutes at wholesale […]  More >>

Packing for your vacation? Don’t Forget Your TV

Looking forward to your summer vacation? I know I am. And I’m probably not the only one who also wouldn’t mind packing my favorite TV shows along with the sunscreen. Luckily, we now can – we can watch Mad Men, Modern Family or The Voice via the Internet on our iPads, smartphones or laptops. But regardless of how (or from which sun lounger) you’re watching them, the reality about real-time viewing is that while it’s great news for you, it puts enormous pressure on the operators who have to deliver this high quality TV-Anywhere experience to you, while at the same […]  More >>